HRCI Recertification Training – A Brief Guide to Land a Job in the HR Department

You have heard about the process of undergoing HRCI recertification training and you already have a four-year college degree. The questions that are probably on your mind now are these: how do you successfully land a job in the human resource department and are you still required to go through HRCI recertification training even though you did not finish an HR-related course?

If you have any frustrations in life, that is the fact that you did not get an HR-related course in college. You only realized your wish to work in the HR industry after you have finished your degree. While it can be an advantage to finish a related course, your eagerness and determination can help you a lot in pursuing your dream job.

HRCI recertification training is only one of the ways to keep on learning more about the job even after you have been hired. This is actually required to be taken every three years in order to renew your certification. This also updates your knowledge about the latest trends in the industry.

These are some good pointers to help you in pursuing your goal to land a job in the human resource department.

HRCI recertification training 150x150 HRCI Recertification Training – A Brief Guide to Land a Job in the HR Department1. If you are working in an HR department of a small company, you will be given a lot of tasks all at once. You will be manning the jobs of different individuals due to lack of staff. This is a good training ground, especially in your case, in order to provide related work experience in your resume. This will suffice in your lack of educational background in the field. Your experience will make up for the things that you did not learn from school. Despite the circumstance, you must be able to prove that you can handle the task with control and efficiency.

2. It is a different scenario when you are working for a large company. An HR department will be comprised of different managers who will assign people to different areas that include compensation, training, benefits  and labor relations. This will give you a chance to prove your worth on the task that you are given, which will determine if you are qualified for promotions.

3. Even though you are already employed, you can take graduate programs to help you become qualified for higher positions aside from undertaking HRCI recertification training every three years. What are the kinds of master degrees that you can take in this regard? You can pursue higher courses in Organization Development, Human Resources and Business Administration. There are also some professionals who are obtaining degrees in law, which can help a lot in dealing with legal matters when tackling their jobs in the HR field.

4. You must continuously improve yourself in many ways. You have to know how to present yourself to people and talk to different kinds of people. You must lead a good example when it comes to just and fairness.

5. Take all the chances that you can get to learn more about the industry. Attend talks and forum whenever you are invited, or sign up for one when there is a chance. This will open up your horizon to the possibilities when it comes to the careers in the human resource industry. You will also meet a lot of people and professionals who might be able to help you land your dream job.

6. If the only way to enter the industry is through an entry level position, you have to grab the opportunity. You just have to make sure that your bosses know of your dreams and ambitions, and that you have what it takes to get promoted and eventually hold a higher position in the HR department.

Four No ideal Motivational Speakers Who Succeeded in the Profession


Motivation and inspiration sometimes arise from unexpected moments. They can also come from no ideal speakers who you wouldn’t expect to be good based on their backgrounds and reputations. These speakers might not look and sound like Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, and Zing Ziglar, but they are masters of their own elements nonetheless.

Take a look at these four no ideal motivational speakers who succeeded in the profession.

1. Eric Thomas

He was homeless, a high school dropout, and troubled teen. Upon first glance, you’d probably mistaken him for a hip-hop artist rather than a motivational speaker, but hey, he commands attention so effectively that you won’t see anyone in his audience yawning from boredom.

He specializes in inspirational talks about the relationship between success and sacrifice, and because he is a been-there-done-that kind of person, people believe him despite his “ghetto” accent, rapper movements, baseball cup, and in-your-face style of delivery. What you see is what you get.

He is a living proof that staying true to yourself, regardless of your background’s reputation, is essential to achieve great lengths as a speaker.

2. Nick Vujicic

His parents did not expect him to live past 10 years old; more so, expect that he would be an in-demand international motivational speaker. In fact, not many people who knew him would have thought that a limbless man, hopping and skating his way around places, would be one of the best speakers the world could ever see.

motivational speaker 150x150 Four No ideal Motivational Speakers Who Succeeded in the ProfessionHe commands the audience even without hands and feet because his voice and wit are enough to change people’s lives. Contrary to what many people believe is a life of sadness and hopelessness, his is actually a happy one, full of love from his family and friends. He went to a regular school, played on the park like everyone else, and had understanding people around him while growing up. The happy part of his life is enough to make him forget that he once tried to commit suicide to end his suffering.

Another unexpected aspect of his speeches is the humor he injects to his stories. Many times, he even makes jokes out of his misery because he could now laugh at his misfortune without bitterness. His heart and box of surprises are more than enough to make up for his missing limbs.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just when everybody thought that being an action star and governor could never go side by side, he proved that he could still add one more entry to his resume, and that is by being a motivational speaker…of some sort.

During his life as a politician, he had been a frequent guest speaker in events, talking about how he surpassed all the challenges thrown his way and how he shunned naysayers to prove them wrong in the end (a lot of naysayers, that is). His political career might not have been what you can call iconic, but he certainly left his mark in the public speaking stage for quite some time.

4. Sarah Palin

Many people call her one of the biggest jokes in the entire American political history (despite the fact that her family is the most powerful political family in Alaska), but her salary as a motivational speaker is not something people can laugh at.

In 2010 alone, barely two years after the Republicans made her a nominee for the vice presidency, her earnings had already been in the eight figures, hauling $115,000 to $200,000 per speaking engagement. She got paid a whopping $7,000,000 for her first book and now still continues to rake from royalties. She is definitely not your typical motivational speaker, but her presence on stage is something that many smaller names in the industry could admire.

She never had success in the national political arena, but she certainly found it in motivational speaking and authoring.

Maintaining Your Golf Clubs


One of the leading golf equipment manufacturers nowadays is Taylormade Golf. They not only produce the most popular golfing equipment, they also make the best ones. Taylormade Golf offers a wide range of golf equipments: from golf balls to golf clubs, golf bags to golf shoes, golf gloves to golf shirt. All of these golf equipments are available for the professionals, the beginners, the amateurs, the hobbyists, and even the casual players!

Every time you hear the word golf, what comes to your mind? Of course, one of those would be a golf club. If you do not have any golf clubs with you, no matter how good you are, you cannot play golf because you do not have any equipment to use.

golf clubs 150x150 Maintaining Your Golf ClubsHowever, golf cannot be played by anyone who wants to try it since it is not a very cheap sport to play. Taylormade Golf clubs are priced starting from the not so expensive ones up to the very expensive, high class ones. If you already have your own set of golf clubs, you must get the most out of it. And maintaining not only the club’s appearance but also the quality is very important. A responsible golf player should always bear in mind that one of the most important things in golf is properly taking care of equipments, especially golf clubs.

Taking care of your golf clubs is a must, not a need. If you do not take care of your golf clubs, turning them into low quality ones, you might end up facing a lot of problems during your game. You are maintaining your golf clubs not just because you want them to last longer, but also because you do not want to lose in a game due to faulty, poorly maintained clubs. If you really want to get the best out of your games, then, you should give your best in taking care of your golf clubs.

Here are some of the easiest methods you can try in order to maintain your golf clubs (even if they’re made by Taylormade Golf):

1. Do not store any of your golf clubs in places with extremely high temperature, such as your garage or the trunk of your car. The temperature in these places can severely damage the head of your clubs, the shaft, as well as the glues and resins in your club.

2. If you are using a wood club, cover the head with a commercial head cover before you store it.

3. Before you store or use your golf clubs, take some time to check them every now and then. Always check for any cracks or worn out parts. If you spot any worn out areas or cracks, replace the clubs immediately.

4.Clean your golf clubs always or at least, as often as you can. Cleaning the golf clubs can remove all the dirt and residue sticking onto it. Whenever you are cleaning your golf clubs, you can use a solution of warm water and mild soap. Brush the golf clubs using an old toothbrush or any soft-bristled brush. However, never use any strong cleaning agent or abrasive to avoid damaging your golf clubs.

If you are having a hard time looking for a cleaning agent to use, you may find them easily on different sports shops. After all, many known golfing equipment manufacturers (like Taylormade Golf) also produce such dirt-busting products. By the way, do not forget to clean your golf clubs whenever you had a rainy or muddy game. After cleaning your golf clubs, dry the club face and shaft using a soft and clean towel.

One of the leading golf equipment manufacturers nowadays is Taylormade Golf.

Using HCG Diet Drops for Effective Weight Loss


Individual emotions of craving for meals or craving for meals pain are obvious for first few days but then you can accept the craving for meals emotions without any trouble as the HCG falls start to perform as increasing the use of additional fat in our bodies and maintain an active individual body performing.

During HCG method the only limitation is to create sure that your daily diet strategy should include 500 nutrient diet strategies. And you are prohibited to surpass the limit. So you can choose what it makes to 500 nutrients in total for a day.

real hcg drops 150x141 Using HCG Diet Drops for Effective Weight LossYes it is highly recommended that you may use all 500 nutrient diet strategy because it has been shown through studies that by using all 500 nutrient diet strategy the individuals are more quick to be able to obtain the maximum outcome from the HCG method, while those who have decreased the quantity did not get any of the advantage from the decreased nutrient from 500 nutrient diet strategy.

During HCG method there is no need for further exercising. The only need is to totally adhere to the low nutrient diet strategy and regular management of HCG falls. It should be kept in mind that your individual is already at a very low nutrient diet strategy and cannot afford much boring perform along with the HCG diets strategy.

It has been proven that there is no advantage of low nutrient diet strategy without HCG method. They act as beneficial diets strategy when put together and nothing can be carried out regarding weight-loss if you only adhere to the diet strategy plan program with low calorie consumption without the HCG falls.

Provided that the impact of HCG is concerned there is no report of having any impact on collections reduction or inclusion. As is the point that the HCG only requires control on the adipose cells and all the other cells stay the same and collections after weight-loss can be vanished instantly.

There is a very less opportunity to get back to a hefty individual body if the method has been followed effectively. Because after finishing an HCG method your lifestyle changes and your craving for meals reduces to normal stage or becomes average. If you consider healthier diet and proper take good care of your wellness you can enjoy a trim healthier individual body throughout your lifestyle.

The real hcg drops are one of those diets who make weight loss almost seem easy.

The History of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are customized coins or medallions bearing an affiliation’s emblem, insignia, or identification, which are all carried out by the aforementioned affiliation’s members. Simply put, it is just a customized challenge coin. During the earlier parts of history, they were made and given to prove one’s allegiance to an association or as to enhance morale between members of an organization. Traditional uses of these coins also involve giving the coins as proof of recognition of a certain positive good deed or a certain commendable, memorable, and special achievement. These coins, like medals, have different meanings and stories behind them. They are unique, and very much differ from other military coins. Different military settings have different challenge coins as proofs of military achievements. These challenge coins vary in size, colour, shape, recognition, prestige, prize, etc. Still, these challenge coins provide proof of good deed, and it is in the nature of humanity to boast or at least show off these proofs that made people want to possess these coins now.

custom challenge coins 300x154 The History of Custom Challenge CoinsThe most common stories trace the origin of challenge coins as far back as World War 1. Typically, they were named as “challenge” coins because they were usually the things that decides challenges between individuals or groups. As an example, if a member of a secret organization fails to bring his “challenge coin”, he may not be able to enter the organization’s premises if he is challenged and fails to present his coin. That is how these custom challenge coins were used in its earlier history. In the current time, contemporary and modern usage of these coins gradually expanded, from seemingly as a tool used for coin flips for intriguing decision making, to using the coins as rewards for genuine appreciation of people. These coins have been given to every kind of people, from common people to people with high ranking positions in the society. No one less than a former US president has shown to have a collection of such coins.

These custom challenge coins can also show proof of man’s achievements or personality. In a way, these represent a man’s worth, which may give people an idea of his stature. It is implied in people’s opinions that if a man possesses such a coin or coins, that man must either be rich, for he has gotten the coins because of money, or he must be particularly special, either acquiring the coin through his identity or through his achievements. In any case, acquiring these kinds of coins in its earlier stages means that you are a technically a special person. It is not common to possess such coins during the earlier parts of human history. But now, with the advent of modern technology, coupled with man’s creativity and vanity, it is now quite common to possess such coins. Also, because of man’s creativity, people have now thought of having different kinds of these coins. Customization of these coins have become rampant, and this the particular reason why some challenge coins have been named as “custom challenge coins”, because they are customized. This is what separates these coins from traditional military coins.

People who are privileged enough can avail of these custom challenge coins now because there are many companies that produce them. Through this, man may have found an easier way to gain honour and prestige. They are now very much available in the market. Acquisition of these coins is made very much easier during this current internet age because there are many websites offering production of these coins at the right price, playing to the vanity that people want to be looked up upon.

A Meaningful Funeral


Oftentimes, the bereaved cannot derive meaning from the death of a loved one. Understanding why a loved one has to die is not very easy to accept.A funeral allows people to comprehend the meaning of life and death.

funeral A Meaningful FuneralUsually, family members do not exactly know how to go about the different parts of the memorial service. One reason is that most do not have experience in doing it many times. Another reason is that it is not easy to make decisions and arrangements during the time of bereavement. One big help is entrusting the arrangements to a funeral home. This is after making decisions on how to make the memorial service more meaningful.

What makes a funeral meaningful? Is it just the usual generic ceremony that is done traditionally or by the graveside? However touching the service is, it is possible that it will not hold any special meaning to the family members and friends.

There are different parts in a memorial service. The only thing that will provide special significance is by making every part personal for the family and friends.

The usual parts of an interment are:


Music is a very strong avenue to access the person’s emotions. The songs that will be played can evoke happy or sad emotions. This is important in making a service personal and meaningful. The line-up of music should be songs that have special memories for both the deceased and those left behind.

Speeches and Anecdotes

This is the perfect way to celebrate the life lived by the deceased. The speeches delivered are usually peppered with anecdotes about the one who passed away. Readings are also a strong part of the delivered speech. Sometimes, passages from the Bible or lines from poems are read apart from the speech. Other times, readings are included in the speech.

Viewing / Receptions

During the funeral service, viewings provide the time for people to extend their sympathies and condolences. Visitation allows the family members to have a support system. This will make it easy for them to process their grief and move forward in their lives.

Eulogy / Remembrance

Remembrance of the one who died is usually combined with readings, speeches, and anecdotes. It is the most important, often the final part, of the funeral service. This is the part of the service where the speeches and the readings are put in. Different people who know the deceased well are asked to speak during this time.


Symbols are part of the rituals done in memorial services. Rites are very important when words are not enough to express how people feel. Examples of symbols are flowers. People give flowers to express their sympathies. Flowers are also given to express remembrance of the deceased. In other services, the other symbols that hold special meaning would be the Bible or any other religious signs. All symbols to be used in the service should hold meaning to the family, friends, and the mourners. It is not a requirement that only spiritual symbols are used.


The procession is done to show support for the family. This also gives honor to the dead in public. Another important element of the procession is the music to be played during the procession. There should also be thoughtful planning of the routes to take in going to the cemetery. A short memorial can also be held by the graveside if the family requests for it.

With the memorial service, members of the family and friends are given the chance to say goodbye. This also gives closure to those left behind. After the service, the bereaved find solace in the fact that many people also love the one who died.

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